• Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace | Sightseeing & Attraction in Abu Dhabi

As a truly legendary Abu Dhabi landmark, this Luxushotel combines Arabian splendor with the latest technology to create a magical and memorable experience. During the day the hotel façade stands out in golden sand color from the fresh green of the garden, the silvery fountains and the blue sky. At night, the hotel's lighting changes and a majestic interplay of rainbow colors appear across the main dome.

The main building of the Emirates Palace extends over one kilometer from one wing to the other and the gardens and the surrounding area occupy 100 hectares. The hotel has 114 domes and a central dome with an imposing height of 72.6 meters. Gold, mother-of-pearl, and crystal dominate the interior. The Palace has 1,002 chandeliers, the largest weighs 2.5 tons. Another important feature is the two handmade wall carpets that represent the Emirates Palace and each weighs a ton.