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Dubai Marina | Sightseeing & Attraction in Dubai

The overwhelming architecture of the city is particularly evident in Dubai Marina. In this district are some of the latest and most fascinating buildings and attractions in Dubai. Here visitors can relax right on the water in pure comfort and luxury.

The Dubai Marina district:
Dubai Marina is a relatively new attraction in Dubai. The district is dominated by a breathtaking skyline, formed by skyscrapers and apartment buildings. This backdrop is especially impressive at night when it is effectively displayed by countless lights. Many of the buildings are still under construction. The face of Dubai Marina is constantly changing, so there is always something for visitors to discover.

The best way to get to know the marina in Dubai is by walking. The promenade, which is several kilometers long, invites you to go for a walk in the moonlight at night after a romantic dinner.

The first class restaurants, cafes, and shops lure the visitors by day and night into the breathtaking city of the Arabian metropolis. Occasionally, markets are also held in Dubai Marina. However, cruises on a rented yacht are particularly popular.

Dubai's Palm Islands: simply overwhelming
One of the overwhelming attractions near Dubai Marina and Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah, part of the Palm Island Project. The creation of these artificial islands, each of which has the form of a palm leaf, is Dubai's most powerful construction project of the 21st century. The Palm Jumeirah has already extended the coast of Dubai by several kilometers. The view from Dubai Marina is just fantastic. But it is only from the air that all the glory of this miraculous miracle is revealed to the observer.